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*. About Program handbook, please download it at the website: / 关于会务手册,请在以下网址下载: http://www.china-iot.net/CFP/Program_at_a_Glance.htm


*. About Banquet/关于晚宴

All authors who have registered as a full registration are invited to the banquet / 所有完成Full注册的作者都会被邀请参加晚宴。

Time: 19:30, Wednesday, 21 Aug.

Address: the Grandball Room, the 3rd Floor, Park Plzaz Beijing Science Park


*. About Reception /关于接待

We will not provide the pickup services at the airport or railway station. You can arrive at the conference venue by suitable vehicles from the airport or railway station. We will announce detail message online for your reference.



*. About Travel /关于旅游

We will list some travel information online for your references. But travel is not relevant to our conference organizing work.



*. Other questions/ 其他问题

如果您有其他问题,请拨打电话 010-82339704,联系 杜微、魏远,咨询相关事宜。


*. About Paper Submission /关于文章提交

sQ1: How to submit papers? /请问如何提交文章?


- For IEEE iThings 2013, the submission system is http://cse.stfx.ca/~iThings2013/sub/. More information, please refer to http://www.china-iot.net/iThings_submission.htm

- For IEEE CPSCom 2013, the submission system is http://cse.stfx.ca/~CPSCom2013/sub/. More information, please refer to http://www.china-iot.net/CPSCom_submission.htm

- For IEEE GreenCom 2013, please refer to http://www.china-iot.net/GreenCom_submission.htm

- For IoT/CPS demo and exhibition, the manuscript should be submitted according to the instructions on http://www.china-iot.net/Main_IoT_CPSCom_demo.htm.

- For workshops, the manuscript should be submitted according to the instructions in the corresponding workshop webpage.





- IoT/CPS Demo and Exhibition文章:见http://www.china-iot.net/Main_IoT_CPSCom_demo.htm

- 不同workshop的文章提交方式不一样,请参考相应的Workshop网页的说明。


sQ2: If the same manuscript is repeatedly submitted, how to address it? /同一篇文章,进行了多次提交,怎么办?

sA2: Generally, the finally submitted manuscript will be regarded as the version for peer review. We strongly recommend that the authors should not repeatedly submit the manuscript to avoid the incorrect deletion.



sQ3: Manuscripts written in Chinese language can be considered? /中文文章可以提交吗?

sA3: No, only papers written in English can be accepted. /只接受英文文章。


sQ4: Should paper submissions for iThings 2013 be anonymized (e.g., author names removed)?/iThings2013接受匿名的文章吗?

sA4: Noall authors must be list./大会不接受匿名文章,文章所有的作者都要署名。


*. About Registration /关于注册

Final and detail information will be announced online.